Thursday, August 28, 2008

The terminal man

(Lagalog apologizes to Michael Crichton for borrowing the title of his early novel) Maybe it's too cold in some spots in the "new" terminal 3. Or maybe the early hours of Saturday morning was too much of an opportunity to catch up on sleep for this terminal worker who has found his ideal spot on the sill of a window near the Kopiroti and Dunkin' Donut kiosks at the waiting area. For sleep-deprived travelers like us, we couldn't help but feel envious of this man and his state of bliss.


E said...

ito yung isa sa paboritong shots mo during our trip. napaka dramatic talaga.

lagal[og] said...

hey erick, onga eh. ganda nung na-create na effect nung misting nung window and the yellow lights from outside

Travis said...

Stunning photo.

escape said...

hahaha... perfect shot bro! perfect! galing ng moist tsaka ang balot ng katawan nya.

very nice capture!

Anonymous said...

Ganda talaga ng back lighting nito hehe. Sa lamig ba naman ng T3 ang sarap tuloy umiglip din

lagal[og] said...

thanks travis :-)

dom, prized find namin yan sa t3.

wulfriend, kahit ako, nainggit sa sarap ng pagkakahiga niya :-D alam mo naman ang mga bears, mahilig maghibernate


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