Friday, August 29, 2008

Longing for long weekends

Iduyan mo ang duyan ko. unti-unti itulak mo. kung maaaring pihitin ang mundo pabalik. sana'y iduyan mo ang duyan ko, muli. (sung by basil valdez, lyrics by ryan cayabyab) 

Last weekend was the last long weekend of the year before the Christmas holidays. 'twas an opportunity too good to pass up to make a short trip to Bacolod and Silay. With the travel time and commute, it's virtually impossible to cover too much ground and still enjoy the trip. So we decided to let the hours unravel with casualness and languidness. And while I had a bout of food poisoning later in the trip (more on this on a more complete post next week), it was still a very enjoyable trip, with a lot of hours logged on a hammock by the sea.  At times, the best things in life are the simplest joys we often miss hurrying through the harried pace of the city.


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