Monday, April 30, 2007

Saturday morning @ the park

Believe me, it takes a lot of prodding to make me wake up before the crack of dawn on a Saturday. But I haven't been shooting in the past two weeks and when Din2 broached the idea of shooting in Manila, I readily agreed. haven't captured Intramuros in the sidelight provided by the morning sun so here's my take. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bohol backtrack: Loboc Bridge - A monumental folly

Tutubi's comment on Baclayon prompted me to post this as an afterthought. The back story was that officials during the time of Marcosian rule aimed at building a bridge crossing the Loboc River to impress the strongman. The folly was that to complete the bridge, the centuries-old Loboc Church has to give way. Construction came to a complete halt with the 1986 People's Power revolt, as "divine" intervention stopped what public outcry cannot.

Bohol backtrack: Hinagdanan Cave

As a matter of posterity, am posting this image from the Hinagdanan cave.  It was crowded when we went (as expected since it was the holy week) and really wasn't able to fully enjoy the thrill.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Backtrack: Holy Rosary Church Pampanga

Right here waiting. from the DPP Simbahan tour album.

Bohol - Lovely Loboc Church

No doubt it, my most favorite Bohol Church is the one in Loboc, followed by Loay. This capture about says it all, no further adjectives necessary.

Bohol - Church stop: Loboc

Loboc is more than just about a ferry ride across the river. Or a daring crossing on a hanging bridge. It's also the site of a very beautiful church, one of the most beautiful colonial type in the country. An interesting bit of trivia: in the 80s, the local government tried to impress the powers that be by building a bridge across Loboc river. Only thing is, the bridge will likely displace the foundations of the church. Construction was stopped at the height of people power in '86, saving this church from imminent destruction.T he remains of the bridge can be seen near the belfry, a strange sight as the road/bridge ends two storeys-high before it can cross the road.

Bohol - More baclayon details

Maybe it's just me but i find the details of baclayon more interesting than the church interior itself. There's really something about cracking walls, washed out colors, and weathered textures that make my imagination run.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bohol - Loay: The charm is in the details

The texture of the ages show in the cracked angel guarding the church entrance to the door of the belfry tower physically separated from the church.

Bohol - Church stop: Loay

Just when we thought we've seen some very, very beautiful churches, Loay made us reconsider that thought. Loay church is overwhelmingly beautiful right down to the very details -- from the cracked walls to the lovely altar. the intricately-painted ceiling. the elaborate and lit stations of the cross. if you love churches, you'll go crazy in Bohol. I think I did.

Bohol - Church stop: Albuquerque

One thing with the old Bohol churches is that you never see the same art twice. But each one is beautiful. Albuquerque church or "albu' as the locals call it is no different, even with the peeling ceiling.

Bohol - Church stop: Dauis

As part of our Visita Iglesia - church photo trip, we stopped over at Dauis. Another beautiful church crammed with wonderful details. Good thing I don't go to mass here, otherwise I would be very busy ogling the ceiling half of the time.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Bohol - Church stop: Baclayon

A Bohol visit isn't just complete without a stopover at Baclayon church, the country's oldest standing church (it predates the Manila Cathedral by almost 10 years; while the Manila Cathedral was constructed ahead, it was rebuilt later). Trivia: the church was built with egg whites mixed with limestone. Annie Feleo's travel book theorized that with all egg whites used, the Pinoys figured out a way not to waste the yolks by concocting yemas and leche flan.

Bohol - Church stop: Loboc

The Loboc church is the second oldest church in Bohol. Home of the world-renowned Loboc Children Choir, it shows the patina of age in every nook and cranny. This image of the candleholders at the side of the church already gives a glimpse of the church's age. A treasure to capture. A timeless testament to our people's enduring faith.

Bohol - Sabong!

The stores at the side of Loboc church offered me a glimpse of the rural past-time - sabong. Thought these were rather nice feather dusters until Manong Dario told me these are used to simulate cockfight with an alagang gamecock.

Bohol Chocolate Hills - Tsokolate e!

Carmen is a bit of a drive from Tagbilaran but who are we to miss out on the famed chocolate hills? Manong Dario told me that while we're headed to Carmen where the viewing deck is, the 1,768 hills are actually spread over three towns. During the height of summer, the vegetation dries up, hence the name. For now, it's brownish-green, but what the hey, I ain't complainin'.

Bohol Bilar Forest - Mahogany's theme

Nope, I'm not referring to the old movie nor the theme song sung by Diana Ross. It's the envirnomental theme of Bilar's mahogany forest. Driving through kilometers of mahogany trees providing their canopy is a sight to behold. Planted over two decades ago by volunteer students and residents, the trees are priceless not just for their timber but for the shade they give, the sloping land they hold together, not to mention the fresh oxygen they provide. Sana, marami pang ganitong sa Pilipinas. At sana, hindi naman ito pagdiskitahan ng mga loggers.

Bohol - Fallin' over Mag-aso

Going 40 or so kilometers is quite a long way to see a waterfall but since we had a car and a very reliable driver/guide in Mang Dario, we went all the way to antequera to see Mag-aso. It's worth the trip and the dip which we would've done if only there was more time on our hands. Next time.

Bohol Maribojoc - Watching the sun and the sea

The Maribojoc watch tower looks out to the sea. A lighted cross guides fishermen away from the corals that line up the shallows.

Bohol - Fishing at sunset in Maribojoc

Maribojoc rewarded us not only with a nice sunset, we were treated to a very bucolic setting. If only for this capture, I think the Bohol trip was well worth it. Here's sharing my most favorite capture in my Bohol set.

Bohol - Sunset watch at Maribojoc

One of the first things we did after dropping off our things at the Meridian after the plane touched down in Tagbilaran was go to Loboc (eastwards) and then, off to the Maribojoc watch tower (westwards). We were rewarded with a spectacular sunset at lowtide.

Bohol Tarsier - Wide-eyed in Loboc

The Corella Forest Sanctuary was closed on Good Friday, so the closest thing to seeing this renowned primate is an establishment along Loboc authorized by the DENR to keep Tarsiers. It was not easy to take clear shots of them since one, they're nocturnal creatures, ergo, they don't necessarily love being out in the sunshine; two, they wouldn't hesitate to jump to the nearest tree in a heartbeat.

Bohol - Finding serenity at Loboc

Loboc River is renowned for its ferry trips. But the view from the hanging bridge is a great time to take a break, smell the breeze, drink in this picture of tranquility.

Betis - Sistine Chapel of the Philippines

As a predominantly Catholic country, the Philippines is a living, breathing museum of churches, old and new. But it is in the old churches where one discovers a wealth of artistry, like the church in Betis. I've seen my share of beautiful churches, but stepping here, we were awestruck by its beauty.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Betis Detail - Winged peace

Pulpit detail of St. James church, Betis, Pampanga.

Betis skywards

St. James Church is beautiful outside, stunning on the inside.A  must-see, must-visit, must-photographed church in the whole of Pampanga.

Church Tour - For whom the bell tolls

The Holy Rosary Church may be old but the bells are motorized, of more recent vintage. The old ones are kept, maybe for sentimental reasons. Hence, the church has five bells in the right belfry, and another three in the left. That's plenty of bells for just one church, perhaps the louder, the better to sound off the faithful to flock to church.

Church Tour - Different domes, one sky.

The churches of Betis • Guaga • San Fernando • Holy Rosary - a study of shapes and patterns. All distinct from each other. Each one beautiful to behold.

Church Tour - Salvation. No reservation required.

San Fernando Cathedral, Pampanga

Church Tour - Crowned with thorns

Cross at the loft of Lubao Church, Pampanga

Church Tour - Two faiths, one God

Taken from the San Fernando Cathedral belfry

Church Tour - Lakbay, simba sa Pampanga

Barely getting some rest from my Bohol trip and a sideline job, I joined our Digital Photographer Philippines foto group for the first DPP Simbahan Tour. That means, I will have to break this blog's chronological order and post select church captures from this trip ahead of my Bohol trip images. Here's the group hug and the line-up shots. (Photo credits: Aly Reyes of DPP)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pillow talk

Oh, was down and out with shingles so got reacquainted with my banig and my pillows. It sure feels good to catch up on sleep.B ut boy, was the anti-viral medication super-expensive! I spent 7,000 bucks for a week's worth. But I thank God I was well by the time my Bohol trip came up.S till lack sleep but with yesterday's DPP church tour shoot, I have more images than I can postprocess in a week! Stay tuned for churches, churches, and more churches.T hat, and tarsiers to boot :-)


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